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1. Don't bother posting screenshots talking about how shit your teams are pre-lv30. It's not even lv 30, no one fucking cares. No one knows what they're doing, not even you
2. Play botgames if you are scared of normal games, but try to stick to normals after unlocking Flash. Surprisingly, new players are way worse than bots
3. Play every free week champion, even those who don't interest you. Playing at least one botgame with them let's you get a feel for how they work, their damage output and cooldowns so you'll be less likely to be surprised when you play against them
4. Do not buy any runes until you can buy Tier 3 runes at level 20
5. If you want to try jungling before having a full rune page, stick to Warwick and Nunu. They are sustain-heavy champions which will survive even without runes.
6. If you need help with builds, check ProBuilds, SoloMid or LoLPro for help with the basics before asking. If you still have any questions after that, feel free to make a constructive post about your issues.
7. Don't jump into Ranked matches as soon as you hit lv 30. 300ish games aren't enough to learn the game and you'll just end up stuck in Bronze.

You should save IP for runes pages at level 20, when Tier 3 runes become available. They aren't specific to any champion, but they'll serve as basis for many other pages and will fill your early needs for pretty much every champion:
The carry/tank/fighter page: Attack Damage Quintessences, Attack Damage Marks, Armor Seals and Magic Resistance Glyphs. Total cost: 4290 IP
The mage/support page: Ability Power Quintessences, Magic Penetration Marks, Armor Seals and Magic Resistance Quintessences. Total cost: 5217 IP
Total cost for both pages: 7671 IP
You can later get more pages. Next buys should fit your needs: Attack Speed Quintessences are good for carries and junglers, Scaling Health Seals and Scaling Magic Resistance Glyphs are good for top lane bruisers.