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So, you are LITERALLY NEW and doesn't know how the world famous LOLG CONTEST works? You came to the right place.

Long story short, you play the game to get custom porn of your desired League champion. But it's not that simple. It's an organized contest with three phases. Worry not, they'll be explained in-depth in this page.

In the Suggestion Phase, you send your ideas to It can be anything you desire, from Ahri getting porked to more degenerate ideas with futanari or whatever your favorite fetish is. Reminder, it's a popularity contest, so make sure your idea is well-written to get votes from everyone. Include pose references and flavor text if you so desire:

Janna thighfuck
Janna thighjob. She is clothed while her fat thighs crunch the guy dick from behind, dirtying her inner thighs with precum. She is masturbating him while looking back with a mischievous smile. (Ref:

Remember to highlight the champion the suggestion is aimed at, sending it in all caps ("TRISTANA and Lulu sucking dick") or making it clear in the e-mail. Depending on the number of suggestions received, they might get filtered by the staff (popular champions can get 10 or more suggestions and picking the top 5 or so streamlines the voting process and makes it easier for everyone). You can send as many suggestions as you want in many e-mails as you want. You can also use disposable e-mails like guerillamail in case you don't to use a personal one. After a defined time (varies from contest to contest), all the suggestions will be compiled into a list like this.

After all the suggestions are gathered, the Voting Phase starts. Public vote will decide which suggestions will represent their champion. To vote, just send an e-mail to with up to 5 suggestions you want to vote for. You'll need to attach a screenshot of your client with the friend list message changed to "POLL VOTE" to validate your vote.

Remember to send votes for more than just the main champion you are interested in. That way, even if you favorite suggestion doesn't go through, you'll have a chance of getting other stuff that might interest you. After a certain time window (again, varies with each contest), one suggestion will be selected for each champion and the third and final phase will begin.

The final and most anticipated phase, the Contest Phase is where actual gameplay happens. Send victory result screens to playing the champion you want to vote for to score points. Any mode but custom and co-op counts. The screens must be unedited. Screens can be attached to the e-mail but imgur links are more convenient as they load faster. Again, you can send as many votes as you want in one e-mail and you can use disposable e-mail accounts. Accounts need to be at level 30 to avoid smurfing. At the end of each day, the bottom champions will be eliminated from the contest and the surviving champions will survive for another day. The top 5 champions will get to keep a percentage of their votes for the next day (1st place keeps 25%, capped at 25; 2nd get 20%, capped at 20; 3rd gets 15%, capped at 15; 4th gets 10%, capped at 10; 5th gets 5%, capped at 5)

A ranking will be updated regularly during the contest and at the end of the time window (again, depending on the contest), the champion with most votes at the end gets the suggestion drawn in full color. Second and third places get sketches.

Is it a tough fight? Sure. But the F R E E porn and bragging rights are worth it.

BANNED CHAMPIONS: To avoid some champions completely dominating contests over and over, champions of past contests are banned after winning. The current list of banned champions is: Riven, Eve, Soraka, Sona, Leona, Sejuani, Kha'Zix and Miss Fortune. These champions can't have suggestions of their own, but can be featured in suggestions of other champions if they are connected by lore, skin lines or metagame, but all suggestions will be up for examination first.

NEGAVOTING: Do you like fun? Do you like to drink tears from waifufags? Do you hate an specific suggestion or champion and wants it to drown in acid? Negavoting is a mechanic designed specially for you. You can send victory screens of Twitch, Nautilus, Shaco, Nunu, Malzahar, and Teemo to subtract points from any champion, just specify it in the e-mail. The rest of the process is the same.

FLASH CONTESTS: Sometimes, a special type of contest is hosted, called Flash Contest. It's supposed to be a more casual version of normal contests. While normal contests can last up to three weeks to cover all phases, Flash Contests will last a week at best. All champions are allowed, even banned ones. In Flash Contests there's only the grand prize, no sketches for second and third places.