1.Ahri and Xayah are out for a girls night that quickly goes sexual (Pose Reference). Xayah and Ahri are both on all fours, side by side, being rammed mercilessly from behind. Xayah's mouth is also being used with little to no regard by another man, her chin and face dirtied with cum and saliva. Ahri is a professional, keeping her composure with a smile on her face while Xayah's eyes roll backwards and she drools. The picture is actually a selfie Ahri is taking, capturing the degeneracy of both girls. Optional social media caption: "Could you believe Xayah never had a real cock inside her? [laughing emojis]"

2. Academy Evelynn has stolen Nurse Akali's Penis Inspection Day records and, to her surprise, two girls are at the top of the list. And they are about to find that a little blackmail goes a long way in the Academy. Academy AHRI and Academy Shyvana are in a deserted classroom with Evelynn and the background makes Eve's plans clear: sheets of paper are spread on the wooden floor, photocopies of both the foxgirl's and the dragongirl's profiles together with a stapler. The well endowed girls have no other options aside from surrendering to the widowmaker's will. Eve is being double teamed by Ahri and Shyvana on the floor, both her holes ravaged as she brings them in closer to her. The girls' bodies contrast beautifully, Shyvana's rough and muscular dark blue skin against Evelynn's almost plump body, Ahri's slender and athletic legs against Eve's massive ass. Ahri does Eve from behind, her red hot foxcock buried inside her ass, her giant knot stretching the delinquent's asshole, the foxgirl already losing herself, her hands grasping at Eve's body, her tongue against her blue neck. Shyvana fucks Eve's pussy with her half-dragon cock, dark blue stretching Eve's soft pinkness. Shyvana also holds Eve close, but she's clearly not pleased with the situation at hand, eyes burning with fury, nails digging into Eve. The delinquent has her usual grin on her face, enjoying her position and the desperation of the victims very much, her juices running down her fat thighs and staining her stockings.

1. Sashimi Akali decides to strip naked and offer a differential for her clients: body sushi. Barbecue Leona will not tolerate this unfair competition, so she does the same. In a bird's eye view, we can clearly see both girls and their menus covering their bodies. Akali is toned and lean, a smaller but incredibly fit body, her dark red bush carefully trimmed, her entire body covered in sushi. Leona's body is bigger, more muscular, with defined abs and thick legs, her firebush is wilder, all sorts of meat and sausages over her like a Texan BBQ spread. (Alternate SFW version with food covering their ladybits)

2. In the Kinkou dojo, Akali is going through one of the hardest tests for kunoichi: being violated without displaying any emotion. She's tied up with rope, hanging from the ceiling as the first of a hundred men stands behind her, erect cock between her buttcheeks, waiting for Shen's order to start. Alternate versions depict how her trial goes, her progress tracked in tally marks on her thighs: at 25, she's still as resilient as ever, face unchanged; at 50, her pussy is already dripping creampies, Akali blushing and sweating in result; 75, her pussy is sopping wet with cum and her own juices, she's biting her lips even though her mask is coated in drool, sweating profusely, eyes uneven; at 97, enough semen inside her to make her belly slightly bulge, she loses it, going full ahegao, squirting violently and moaning, Shen remarking that she almost made it and how disappointed he is. A last version depicts Akali's pussy finally free, squirting out gallons of semen while she loses bladder control and pisses herself, her face mad with pleasure.

3. The Kinkou ninjas Akali and Kennen are behind enemy lines on a mission, but have encountered a problem with their equipment. Akali is squatting, lifting her butt upwards a bit, Kennen lifting her loincloth from behind, revealing Akali's underwear: white panties with a slot carefully cut out around her asshole, revealing her secret item pouch: her ass is gaping with at least three different tools, scrolls, vials and charms. The ground has a few other items already there, covered in Akali's lube, suggesting their search has been going for a while. Akali has her mask off, showing her extremely aroused face, her panties, now transparent, glued to her wet cunt. Kennen is pissed, saying "I can't find the smoke bombs! Next time you are bringing a backpack like everyone else!"

4. On the other side of the Ionian Summer Camp, unbeknownst to Karma and Syndra, Akali and Sona are doing their own thing with the boys. Sona got dragged into it by accident, so now the much more experienced Akali is helping the maven to discover her lewder side. Akali, using all her flexibility, is being fucked sideways by a boy hugging her thigh while her legs and feet embrace him, pulling him into her (Couldn't find an exact reference) as she leans against Sona, who's doing a somewhat awkward missionary fuck with another boy, her legs spread as he fucks her, the girls's supple and slim vs curvy and thick bodies contrasting. Akali is helping Sona to utilize her biggest talent: a boy sits on Sona's belly, fucking her tits, Akali using her hands to squeeze those gigantic mounds of flesh together with a grin on her face, watching Sona blush, overwhelmed with the attention she's getting, so stunned that another boy got impatient enough to grab her hand and use it as an onahole, fucking her as she barely has any reaction to it.

1. Guidance Counselor Harpy Anivia is being visited by a few students after the Academy's infamous Penis Inspection Day and she's more than happy to give the students some extra motivation (Reference). In a POV pic inside her office, Anivia lays on her psychologist's bed, spreading her legs as her pencil skirt rides up, her lacy underwear dragged to the side so her pussy, covered in feathery dark blue pubes, can be fucked. Her shirt is open, revealing big, pearl-shaped milfy tits. Two other students surround her, cocks covered in ice-blue lipstick marks, their pre falling on her face, glasses and cleavage. In the background, perfectly visible for the spectator but invisible for everyone in the room is Evelynn, the delinquent enjoying her voyeur adventure very much, sitting on Anivia's desk with her legs spread wide, touching herself. Anivia is looking at the viewer, delivering her not-always-useful advice with a smile: "See? Your penis is perfectly normal for a young man like you! It might even grow an inch or two more! Besides, it's how you use it, right?" and in a smaller bubble "Also, what's the problem with a girl having a bigger one? Have you tried doing it with a girl like that? You might enjoy it..."

2. Sexual frustration can do funny things to a person, and several lifetimes of it is no laughing matter. Harpy ANIVIA seems to have turned on her jungler and is now riding his dick with wild abandon. Her cool blue body bouncing lewdly on his cock, and her mature and curvy body quakes with every thrust. Lee Sin, her jungler, is struggling with all his might to no avail. It seems he doesn't know about her change, and he's convinced that he's being raped by a giant chicken.

3. Harpy Anivia and Sejuani are taking advantage of Ashe's short absence in the Freljordian Winter Camp to have some fun with the boys, even though the way they treat them is completely different. Anivia, with her almost chubby MILF body, treats her group with tenderness and care: her plump body is double teamed by two boys, one sucking on her tits, while a third does her mouth, embraced by her wing-arms as she licks him, looking at him in the eyes with a smile. Sejuani has no patience for that, no time to teach or be gentle: lifting a boy by his legs with her strong arms, she deepthroats him effortlessly as another boy is pressed against the wall by her muscular thighs as she fucks him, slamming him with her powerful legs, a devious smile on her face.

1. A small comic strip of Cop Annie riding her scooter making a huge bust on a guy with tons of loli doujins. He's scared at first, but then Annie asks him why doesn't he do it with the real thing as she does fellatio motions. The guy gets eager and start unzipping his pants but suddenly the wall bursts open, Cop Lulu coming in driving a police van (with Party Van written on the side), pointing a gun at him. Annie cuffs him while both girls insult him "You sick fuck, Annie is a fucking child you bastard", "Let's see what your prisonmates think when you tell them 'it's just a drawing'". (A spiritual sequel to this)

1. Ashe and Alistar slam Xayah and Rakan in lane (and make Xayah really consider seeing other people)(Pose Inspo). Xayah is on all fours, or at least trying to be, her elbows against the dirt with no composure as Alistar destroys her with his behemoth of a cock, the birdgirl with uneven eyes, drooling with her tongue out, her juices making a puddle underneath her. Ashe's plump, MILFy butt smothers Rakan as the queen services the much less endowed support, a grin on her face. Alternate cumshot version with Xayah filled until her belly bulges out, cum spurting out on the ground, Rakan's spunk dirtying her face, her own pussy juice squirting out violently.

2. After the success of the Ionian Summer Camp, Ashe and Sejuani decide to make their own spinoff in the Freljord. Wearing light blue and white sweatpants and jackets (properly ripped and/or taken off already), the two girls take care of a group of boys in a cozy, warm looking cabin. Sejuani shows off her dominant side, immobilizing a boy between her massive, muscular thighs while giving him a titfuck. Another boy fucks her from behind leaning against her toned back and hugging her rock-hard abs to fuck her ass. Ashe is a lot more caring with her boys, bending over on her knees in front of Sejuani, letting two boys double penetrate her, the bottom one at the perfect height to grab her plump breasts and suck on her nipples, her queenly curvy body contrasting with Sejuani's raw muscles. Ashe leans against the boy Sejuani is crushing, helping to relieve the barbarian's torture by spreading his cheeks and giving him a passionate rimjob. Sejuani has an almost evil grin on her face, enjoying the torture, while Ashe has a much more peaceful smile on hers.

3. A very grateful bot lane shows their top lane Darius some love after he carried their feeding asses to victory. Darius is holding an Ashe as he goes balls deep inside her, down below Soraka is lapping up the cum that drips out of the Freljord Queen's pussy and down Darius' cock (Reference). Ashe/Soraka being pretty curvy and Darius towering over both.

1. A summoner opens a Hextech Chest and, for his surprise, it's the legendary skin Pulsefire Caitlyn (Inspiration). Caitlyn is completely bound inside the chest, both her holes exposed, her mouth gagged by a blue, glowing ball gag, a black blindfold blinding her. Right above her pussy and beneath her asshole are the numbers 760 in glowing orange, accompanied by the symbol of essence. In the corner, a chat box is open with two summoners talking. "Hold on, let me open my chest" "HOLY SHIT A LEGENDARY" "Seriously?!" "Yeah, Pulsefire Caitlyn!". An alternate version depicts the followup, with the conversation going "Are you crafting it?" "Yep, just did!". In the picture, two giant lumps of orange essence were shoved deep into her, stretching her holes and making her squirt. The gag and the blindfold dissolve into blue glow, revealing a mouth gasping for air and an ahegao look.

2. Officer CAITLYN having some fun with Officer Vi during a stakeout (Inspired by this). Caitlyn is laying against the balcony/rooftop, aiming down the sights of her rifle, giving us a privileged view of her ample cleavage. Her skirt is lifted and her dark lingerie is pushed to the side, exposing her pale butt, a smug smile on her face. Vi is behind her, pants unzipped, revealing her cock, balls (or strapon) and pink bush, violently pounding Cait from behind, grabbing one of Cait's asscheeks and belt for support as she hammers away, one of her breasts falling off her corset. Caitlyn's smug smile and calmness contrasts with Vi's fierceness and quasi-ahegao face. Alternates: strapon and creampie, small panel focusing on the action, featuring Cait's delicately trimmed bush contrasting with Vi's wilder one, if possible

3. Late evening if police office, CAITLYN and Vi are about to have some lesbian fun. After being caught off by randomly passing by Ezreal, they decide to handcuff and use as their toy for evening. Ezreal lies on the floor, Vi sits on his face, Caitlyn rides his dick. Ezreal's face in completely unseen under Vi's ass as she uses one of her hands to slam it down even harder, his hands squeeze her buttocks tight as he tries to lift her ass to get some air. Vi dominantly kisses Caitlyn and plays with her tits. Pose reference

4. Demon CAITLYN has caught herself in a pickle- she's been summoned and trapped inside an expertly made summoning circle. The young men surrounding her are tantalizing her, teasing her, driving her wild, but refusing to touch her. Caitlyn is now furiously masturbating, begging and pleading for relief that simply won't come. How long can she last before she's broken by her own demonic lust?

5. In the class president office, Academy Caitlny and an offscreen Academy Vayne have a quick conversation. Caitlyn is sitting at her desk and Vayne asks if she managed to catch Vi redhanded yet, to which Caitlyn replies that no, still no progress on that. Vayne says she's going home, to which Caitlyn replies that she's going to finish some paperwork before going. Unbeknownst to Vayne, there's more going on in the scene. The picture is at an angle that shows the underside of the desk, where a captured, kneeling Vi has her wrists bound behind her back by fuzzy cuffs. Caitlyn has her legs spread open, her dark pantyhose down so Vi can service her pink, brown-haired pussy with her tongue. The troublemaker doesn't seem to be against her duty too much, going in and burying her face on Caitlyn's muff, the president blushing and trying to not let Vayne know anything is happening.

1. The biggest burden of a half hextech body is finding a lover capable of satisfying the desires of flesh. Thankfully for Camille, Viktor is more than capable of doing it. Bending her over, the herald exposed her holes, fucking her pussy while his third hand, equipped with a special phallic appendage, penetrates her ass. That's not all, though: a piece of machinery lays in front of Camille, a piston-powered engine with a didlo attached, fucking her mouth. Engraved in tiny letter on the side of the bot is a phrase: "This robot is trained to fuck your mouth"

2. The delinquent Eve has pulled a nasty prank on Headmistress Fiora and now she faces the consequences in the hands of Warden Camille, who delivers a calculated punishment to the blue stalker. In one of the higher floors of the Academy, Evelynn is put against a window, her uniform torn in the middle, her massive blue breasts squished against the glass as Camille, equipped with a potent hextech strapon between her legs, fucks her from behind, the intense stimulation leaving the student in an ahegao state, uneven eyes as she drools and dirties her cleavage and the window. In the glass's reflection, many students seem to have noticed the scene, stopping to look at it in a very similar situation caused by Eve, even more because the onlookers cannot see Camille and her self-satisfied grin as she ravages the delinquent.


1. Academy Diana, the goth nerd of class, didn't turn in Miss Fortune's assignments in time and is being punished for it. In a deserted classroom, Sarah sits on the edge of a desk, her legs spread, a luxurious piece of underwear by her knee, revealing her beautiful pussy, completely covered in a perfectly trimmed firebush. Diana is on her knees, diving into Fortune's muff with maybe a bit too much enthusiasm, slobbering over it, Sarah's juices covering her mouth and chin. Her tongue runs against her nether, the silver spiky tongue piercing massaging her clit as the tongue licks her inner lips. Diana looks angry but she's also blushing, MF smiling as she recognizes the nerd's lust for the same sex, her manicured hand on Diana's scalp, pulling her in. Dialogue version: "So, apparently no one turned my math paper in time. Do you have anything to say to that?" "...I'm sorry" "I'm sorry...?" "I'm sorry, mistress" "Good girl. Now, don't disappoint me next week or we'll see how that piercing of yours feels inside my butt" "...really? I mean, yes, of course, Mistress Fortune" (Somewhat inspired by [tw: futa] this)

2. Academy Diana and Academy Leona spent some quality time together and Diana ends up getting a bit carried away with her fetish (Inspo). In a deserted classroom, the girls are locked in a 69, licking each other, Leona's nether and thighs covered in Diana's dark lipstick. Diana goes a bit farther, her tongue giving Leona a deep, passionate rimjob. Leona, her mouth and chin completely covered in Diana's juices, gets away from the silver haired pussy to try to warn her, "Diana, that's dirt-" but it's too late, Diana is already enjoying Leona's backside, the redhead's face contracting in pleasure, Diana with a smug smile. A panel on the side has an x-ray view of Diana's tongue piercings playing with Leona.

1. Fiora is pressed up against her own tower by Pantheon while he fucks her doggystyle, one hand pushing her against the tower while the other is gripping her toned athletic butt. Fiora's ruined armor is strewn around the ground along with Pantheon's spears. Pantheon is taking a tower shot but doesn't even notice it thanks to his retarded passive. Fiora is trying to maintain her maintain her aloof persona but her but is blushing and clearly enjoying it.

2. The whole academy wonders why the hell do they have a Penis Inspection Day, but only a lucky few get to meet Headmistress Fiora to know why. Inside her office, she has a very special meeting with Ahri and Vi, two students with excellent scores in the inspection. Fiora lays on her beautiful wooden desk, the contents scattered around to make room for her, only a few papers with the details of Ahri's and Vi's exams remaining. Ahri, a really well endowed fox futa, fucks Fiora in almost missionary, moaning and blushing in her inexperience as she's almost shoving her entire knot inside Fiora's hairy cunt, the headmistress' teasing her with one foot near her mouth, the student licking it, dirtying the dark fabric with her saliva. Vi is by Fiora's side, her uniform much more boyish than Ahri's, her spats down, exposing her dense pink bush and massive cock. Fiora handles it with finesse, one hand playing with her balls as the other presses against her hilt, her tongue licking the pink tip. Vi's whole length and balls is covered in red lipstick smears. Vi moans, never having been treated to such skill as Fiora has a grin on her face, enjoying the the session with her students.

1. Illaoi decided to spread her legs to a random lucky guy, but she's thoroughly unimpressed by his performance. Or maybe she gets off on the humiliation? POV pick of an extremely thick, muscular Illaoi fucked missionary, looking at the viewer with a "Is that it?" smile, mocking his performance. Alternate version with extreme pubic and armpit hair.

1. Irelia wearing a very skimpy version of her original skin, flashing to randoms on the street, chasing them, but apparently they don't want anything with her. She's mad, saying "Why doesn't anyone want to fuck me?", to which one guy replies "I ain't fucking with no lich, your pussy must be haunted" and she screams "FOR FUCKS SAKE I'M NOT DEAD"

1. Many years after the darkness that threatened Earth was extinguised, the ex-Star Guardians Janna and Lux hold a fan meetup. After a lot of alcohol, all that repressed sexuality finally comes out in a fullblown orgy with their old supporters. Lux's body has matured, her slim body giving way into a fuller figure with wider hips and bigger breasts, pussy covered in pink hair. She's wearing her old uniform, even though it's a bit too tiny for her now, cleavage and belly button exposed. Janna, the elder member of the team, is now straight up MILF tier, with her shirt looking more like a crop-top with lots of sideboob now, her skirt way too short and her stocking ripping on the sides, failing to contain her extremely plump thighs, her pussy and crotch covered in an very dense layer of purple pubes. Drinks and refreshments were swept aside and the girls lay side by side, surrounded by their fans, almost buried in their cocks (Possible poses). Both girls are blushing in excitement, happy to receive the love from their fans. Lux's pussy is being fucked while Janna takes it in her ass, but the dripping cum from her holes tells us that they have both been used. Some more impatient fans are rubbing themselves against their faces, feet and armpits, covering their bodies in pre. Bukkake alternate, if possible.

1. Star Guardians Jinx and Janna are not just responsible for defending the universe, they have to help earthlings to get through their desire for flesh. There's only one issue with that: Star Guardians have to preserve their virginity to access their powers. Janna knows this, as the most experienced member of the group. She just forgot to warn Jinx about that section of the contract. Both girls are surrounded by countless males, a big gangbang to help humanity. Janna gladly spreads her legs wide open (Pose), showing her white panties with a star cutout for easy access to her backside, two men from the crowd taking advantage of that for a tight double penetration on her plump ass. Her massive tits are out of her uniform, bouncing as she's fucked, other males around her, her face going crazy with cocks surrounding her. She's touching herself, her panties almost transparent from her juices, revealing a pink pussy and a big purple bush. Jinx isn't enjoying herself as much as her partner, her teeth gritted with a "what the fuck are you guys doing to my ass?" face, but a hint of a blush betrays her scorn. She's being held as the crowd takes advantage of her youthful bubble butt (Pose), two cocks taking her anal virginity at the same time as another man rubs himself against her face. Alternate creampie+bukkake+ahegao version. (If possible, another version with a text overlay like the Star Guardian website and a bit of text describing their job as harlots and the anal restriction for LORE purposes)

2. Academy Jinx is going at it with futa Vi, unaware that they are being watched (Inspired by this). It's a late afternoon and the school is almost desert. In an empty classroom, Jinx and Vi are fucking on the wooden floor (Pose). Vi grabs Jinx's leg with one hand, the other firmly grasps Jinx's twintails, pulling her hair. Jinx shirt is open, leaving her tiny little tits exposed. She wears spats under her skirt, but they are ripped apart as Vi (wearing big, almost boxer-brief-like panties) fucks her ass with her girthy, veiny futacock, her dense pink pubic hair contrasting with Jinx's blue stubble. Vi's thick thighs slam against Jinx's slender frame, the tiny girl using one arm on the floor for support while she fingers herself with the other, going ahegao, her drool making a puddle on the floor. The couple thought they were safe, leaving the door open during the act. Caitlyn is spying on them, but the scene was too lewd for her. Her hand is buried on her crotch, below her dark pantyhose, fingering herself, her juices running down her thighs and dirtying the fabric while the other plays with a hard nipple, visible even through the uniform, biting her lips to avoid making a sound. (Alternate versions: strapon for the less futa-inclined individuals, orgasm version with Vi creampieing Jinx, Jinx profusely squirting and Caitlyn having a jet of squirt go through her pantyhose)

1. A group of men tries to fuck Kalista but she hops away and kites them with ease as the fucking broken champion she is. One man in the group screams "WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY REMOVING ALL POINT AND CLICK STUNS" while other goes "I'M GOING TO FUCKING MURDER CERTAINLYT"

1. Katarina has been blackmailed by Swain, Leblanc and other members of the Black Rose and is currently working a stripper pole for the audience. She clearly isn't enjoying herself, but she doesn't have a choice in the matter (Reference)

2. After a basketball game of Demacia vs Noxus, the viewer must have caught the attention of the Noxian cheerleaders Katarina and Cassiopeia and they wait until he's alone in the locker room to make their move. In a POV angle, the viewer is trapped: Katarina, still in her cheerleader uniform, rides cowgirl, her painted nails clawing the viewer's abs. Cassiopeia has her lower half wrapped around the viewer's legs, immobilizing him, her head laying next to the viewer's chest, her snake tongue wrapped around his nipple. Both girls have evil, dominating smiles on her face, enjoying their company a bit too much. In her carefully manicured hands with long nails, Cassiopeia holds a phone next to her face with text messages open. Lux has been texting the viewer, multiple messages without reply: "Can you believe those Noxian cheerleaders? Their skirts are so short! I'm sure that's illegal", "The match is over, where are you?", "Don't hang around the stadium for too long, I don't trust those girls" and "My brother gave me a ride, can we meet at your house later?".

1. Paragon of justice Aetherwing Kayle has finally captured the dangerous space pirate Dreadnova Gangplank and decided to have some fun with him before his eventual execution. The pirate lays on the ground of his spaceship, defeated, weapons and armor completely busted as Kayle rides him, her energy sword at his neck, a maniacal, maybe a bit crazy look on her face as she abuses the criminal. Alternate version with a creampie and an x-ray shot depicting Gangplank's semen almost reaching her womb, only to be stopped by Kayle's ultimate around the entrance.

2. Extra thick Angelblade Riven enjoying her downtime from fighting the demonblade wielders alongside Battleborn Kayle by helping bring salvation to a group of churchgoing youngsters. With sex. (Reference, but can add more people around them for a gangbang groupsex funtime)

3. Academy Kayle and Academy Morgana share an apartment and it has been hell for the poor angel as Morgana brought her gal pal Evelynn once again for an intense study session. Futa Eve and Morgana are in bed and it looks like they went straight to business as their uniforms are only barely off, the curvy blue and purple bodies clashing against each other as Eve embraces Morgana from behind, her colored nails graping at her plump legs to lift them up and fuck her ass (something like this), Eve's pink bush and balls slapping against Morgana's thick ass, massive thighs rubbing against each other, both girls looking in heat, just breaking out of a kiss with saliva linking their mouths and chins. Morgana's hands slide down her body, one hand fingering her bushy pussy while the other plays rough with one of her hard nipples. They have been going at it for a while, too: plenty of multicolored filled condoms are on the bed, some tied, some not, and it looks like they have ran out of them as Eve is fucking her ass raw. It seems that Kayle doesn't hate the situation that much, though. Holding a rolled up notebook to the wall and her ear, she silently listens to the girls going at it, touching herself over her stockings, her juices going through the fabric and making a puddle on her sheets, showing she's also been going at it as soon as her sister started. She's blushing, trying (and failing) to be silent as she drools, hard nipples visible through her uniform, toes curling in pleasure. Inspiration. (Alternate versions: Less Gay, with Evelynn using a strapon and Extra Gay, with Morgana and Kayle also being futa, Morgana with a thick cock like Eve's and Kayle with a small, almost completely covered in foreskin babydick)

1. Kindred and Sejuani are jungling in a match and, for the demise of their teams, aren't doing so well with their post-nerf kits. It all goes wrong from the start and the picture depicts Kindred's struggle against the Red Brambleback and Sejuani's fight versus the Blue Golem. Kindred is forced on all fours and a privileged angle from behind let's us see her ass completely stretched by the treetrunk cock from the jungle creep, the wood veins glowing with its red essence, her thick thighs enduring the violent beating, her face being pressed against the dirt by one of Red's appendages. Sejuani isn't faring any better, lifted up and impaled by the massive golem, her clothes torn, exposing her toned abs and hairy, borderline unkempt silver bush. Sejuani is fighting back, muscles tensed and a clear struggle on her face, but she's powerless against the giant beast. Both teams are flinging shit at each other on all chat: "Holy shit, our jungler sucks" "Report Kindred for shitpicking" "Only if you report ours too" Riot destroyed Sejuani again lmao" "better wait for the next rework". Alternate version with a volumous creampie that fills and distends their bellies with glowing cum, the symbols for the buffs now rotating around their belly buttons.

2. Lamb and Soraka are embracing each other drunkenly as evidenced by a nearly empty wine bottle nearby and two wineglasses, one spilled. Soraka is wearing a sluttier version of the top from her Order of the Banana skin,hat not included, and a skimpy thong (like the girl in the black bikini) while Lamb is merely naked in her default skin. Soraka's top is pulled underneath her boobs, exposing her lovely shapely breasts. Lamb is arching her back and groping/pushing Soraka's larger breasts together while rubbing her tinier nipples against the Starchild's, her mask half pushed back, showing her blushing cheeks and salivating mouth. Soraka is clearly enjoying it, her eyes half drooped and breathing heavily with obvious saliva strands. Soraka is leaning back, and pulling Lamb into the embrace by reaching behind the smaller girl and pressing the tips of her fingers into the contours of lamb's ass (something like this), exposing her bulbous ass and delicious dripping pussy, which take up a huge part of the frame.

3. Fratgirls Lamb and Soraka are embracing each other drunkenly, Soraka wearing a sluttier version of her Order of the Banana top with a cheerleader miniskirt and a side tied thong which arches high on her hips above the waistline of the skirt. Lamb is wearing an unbuttoned Academy shirt, similar to Ahri's, but Lamb's skirt and panties are lying on the floor off to the side, near a nearly empty wine bottle and two wine glasses, one spilled on the floor. Soraka is pulling Lamb into her, working her fingertips into the contours of Lamb's asscheeks, incidentally providing the viewer with a show of her enormous ass and dripping wet pussy. Lamb has slid Soraka's breasts just outside of her bikini top, which prep them up nicely for the viewer. Lamb is arching her back and hunching her shoulders, groping/pressing Soraka's breasts together while rubbing her tinier breasts into the starchild's significantly larger ones. They're both clearly drunk, both girls blushing heavily, Soraka breathing heavily with half lidded eyes and lamb with her mask half pushed back so we can see her open and salivating mouth, nearly dripping on Soraka's breast.

1. After Gyaru's Evelynn first prank, she planned her second strike, this time targeting Director LeBlanc, only realizing too late you can't trick a trickster. In the background, on the stage, LeBlanc is giving a speech to the students, but this time, the action is backstage, as Evelynn failed to gank the director. Away from the public, behind curtains, Eve's demise was clear as a Control Ward was nearby. LeBlanc makes quick work of the rash student, binding her with chains, exposing her blue, plump body. Deciding to teach her a lesson, LeBlanc confiscates Eve's weapon of choice, the pink strapon used against Fiora, and uses it against Eve, fucking her hairy pussy. Eve seems to enjoy the punishment maybe a bit too much, eyes rolling back as her pussy juice squirts. LeBlanc, despite giving her quite the beating, looks almost elegant as she abuses the student, a satisfied, almost evil smile on her purple-painted lips. (Alternate version with futa LeBlanc (with her pantyhose down as she's classy and wouldn't rip them open) and futa on futa)

1. Lissandra dominating a poor soldier from Ashe's army (the viewer, a tattoo of her emblem somewhere on his body for better immersion). With his body almost entirely enclosed in ice but his crotch, the warrior is completely locked up. Lissandra on top of him, riding his dick, completely naked, revealing a stunning curvy MILF body, ice cold, pussy topped with a healthy silver bush, biting her lips with a dominant smile, saying "Embrace the cold"

2 . Program Lissandra having some important data uploaded via Program Soraka's dongle. Inside Lissandra's lab, Lissandra herself is bending over, using those well-engineered knee joints. On a sideways view, so we can get a picture of every detail, Soraka is behind her, connecting her dongle to her port. Soraka's dongle is equine in form, with white sheath and two big round databases, while the shaft is light green like her energy, extremely thick. Lissandra's port has black lips, contrasting with her white shell, and a darker green inside. Soraka is almost entirely inside her, stretching Liss' port, sending her haywire: the light on her visor is red and she's screaming, her hands against a panel for balance. The panel has images on it about "DATA TRANSFER PROTOCOL", with an x-ray of Lissandra's data canal and database womb, with a dongle that fits perfectly and doesn't reach halfway into her canal. Soraka is enjoying the ride, hands on Lissandra's shell as her robotics hips slam her until nothing else can fit inside, both their lubrication systems working double time to keep the systems functional, dirtying the lab. The floating panel from Lissandra's splash is flashing red, displaying a big ERROR message: STARCHILD-SERIES DONGLE NOT COMPATIBLE; PLEASE REMOVE AND REBOOT THE SYSTEM BEFORE WOMB DATABASE IS DAMAGED. The same x-ray from the data transfer protocol, but now depicting a live version of Lissandra's canal: it has been stretched almost triple the intended size, with Soraka's dongle's flared connector almost breaking the womb's firewall. Alternate version with Soraka's data fluid finally injected, flooding the mainframe completely and spilling out of Lissandra's port.

1. Lulu smoking pot and jacking herself off

1. Lux, tired of Demacia's tyrannical anti-magic policies, flees and joins Noxus. Years later, Dark Elementalist Lux is having some fun with the Noxian elite (Inspiration Pictures). Lux's is on top of Sion, legs spread, panties off, her once young and virginal pussy bottoming the juggernaut's cock, completely defiled. Darius and Draven surround her, cocks out, waiting for their turn to use her once prim and proper holes. Lux's face bears a satisfied, happy, almost evil grin that would never fit the old Lux's face. (Alternate creampie/cumshot and pregnant versions)

2. Evening after classes, Academy Ahri, LUX and Ezreal threesome. Ezreal and Lux are under effects of Ahri's charm (heart pupils?). Ezreal sits on chair, Lux sits rides his dick, her tongue is out, eyes rolled up. Ahri stands on knees eating Lux's ass from behind. Pose reference.

1. Delinquent Morgana has managed to get documents from Nurse Akali's Penis Inspection Day and it's using them to blackmail the top of the list: Academy Ahri. In a corner of the academy, Morgana has Ahri pinned down, half by brute force by stepping on her hands and half by magical means with her binding. Ahri's skirt flops down, revealing her lack of panties and the reason she was at the top of the list: a huge, red fox cock, buried deep inside Morgana's hairy pussy, all the way down to the bulging knot. Morgana's top can barely hold her cleavage, one nipple slipping out from her underboob as she rides, skirt lifted, her curvy purple legs contrasting with the fox's supple body. They are fucking on top of multiple, scattered sheets of paper, copies of Ahri's file, detailing every fraction of her intimacy, from length to girth to amount ejaculated, complete with pictures. Morgana holds one copy up with an evil smile, threatening to make Ahri's secret public. The fox, with no options left after being blackmailed, gives herself to the delinquent, an angry look on her face, betrayed by the slight blush on her cheeks.

2. if there's one thing Morgana likes more than bullying the underclassmen, it's making her sister miserable. This time, she's stolen her crush and timed it so that her sister would walk in on them mid coitus. The young man's arms are chained behind his back and he's wearing a collar and leash that Morgana is holding with one hand. As he furiously and hopelessly dumps load after load into her purple pussy, we can see Kayle's shocked and heartbroken face as she sees her sweetheart lost forever to her sister's devious charms. Morgana can be seeing flipping Kayle the bird to add insult to injury. Reference.

1. Urf the Nami-tee and Order of the Banana Soraka had a bit too much to drink in the costume party, leading to a bit of an embarassing encounter with Moo Cow Alistar. The trio has sneaked their way to a corner of the party, Alistar is sitting and leaning back, his costume unzipped to the bottom, revealing his gigantic, animalistic cock. The girls sit on the bull's lap, sandwiching his immense length between their bodies and tits, the shaft covered in lipstick smooches (red for Nami, purple for Soraka). Both girls look at it in a drunken awe, incredibly aroused, rubbing themselves and their mouths against it. Soraka says "So this is where the cow's milk comes from?" while the innocent Nami adds "...so you CAN milk those?". Amumu is watching from outside like in the splash for Soraka and Nami (but with a boner)

1. The transfer student Nidalee (regular Academy uniform, but no bra, underwear, shoes or socks, as she claims "no one wore those in her school in Kumungu") helped the school's botanist Soraka (a nerdier version of this that seems to be way too much into healing teas and weed) with her new project, the magical plantlife Zyra. The plant took on a humanoid form and, even though her legs are still rooted inside her vase, her body resembles a human female (a stunning one, at that), with the only different being that, between her legs, Zyra seems to have both pistil and stamen. With the help of her tentacles, Zyra lifts Nidalee and fucks her pussy, with another tentacle doing the transfer student's ass, her face almost in a state of heat, blushing and sweating. Soraka is watching it closely, maybe a bit too closely: on all fours, she's checking the plantgirl's genitals, two fingers curiously exploring her pussy. Soraka is probably baked out of her mind, a way too calm expression on her face as her experiment defiles her student and other tentacles go at her, some going under her overalls to squeeze her tits, others going under it, tearing it apart to access the botanist's two holes. Alternate version with text, Soraka diving into a lenghty tirade about her experiment: "How interesting... Zyra has both pistil and stamen but they seem to have mutated into human-like forms... Very, very interesting... I wonder what may have caused this...". In a corner, a small panel depicts a past timeframe with chibi Nidalee dumping several used condoms inside the still ungrown Zyra's vase, solving the mystery.

2. Academy Nidalee and Academy Ahri are giving the viewer a private anatomy lesson. They are by the blackboard, a cat's and a fox's penis depicted in white chalk. They seem angry, with Ahri speaking first, saying "Look at this shit, this is disgusting! Why would you give me something like this? The knot just inflates once it's done so the female can't escape, imagine doing it with someone and being stuck for half an hour in the same position!". Nidalee continues saying "What kind of sadistic cunt would give me a cat dick when they have barbs to hook themselves into the female's vagina? Have you ever heard cats fuck? The female screams in agony the entire time! Only a retarded virgin would think that's hot!"

1. Orianna is demonstrating her ultimate to a worried Veigal. Laying on her back, she holds her in her arms, legs spread and ass pointed at a huge brass dildo sticking out of the ball. Orianna then executes her command and Veigal slams ass first on the dildo, bulging her stomach and shocking her to orgasm (That's two versions ; possible third being a gape shot depending on willingness/rates of the artist).

1. Poppy has requested Lulu's help to find the hero, but the airheaded yordle has let her lesbian tendencies get the best from her. Poppy is donning a golden armor that is extremely revealing (like this or similar), plates of metal barely covering anything in her body, exposing her ample chest, toned abs and thick thighs. Poppy looks at her new gear, blushing, embarassed, asking Lulu if this will really help her find the hero, while the other yordle hugs her from behind, getting a bit handsy on Poppy's exposed intimacy, answering "I'm sure of it!".

2. Academy Poppy and Academy Noxxy in a post-match celebration of Demacia's victory. Noxxy's loud mouth got her into an uncomfortable situation and now she has to pay (Inspiration). They are both being double teamed by random players of the Demacian team, but Poppy is taking it much better than her rival, some composure still left in her even though she's sweating a blushing, so much that she's taking a picture for posterity. Her rival isn't really in the same situation, drooling on the table with her tongue out as she's rammed from behind, arms restrained. Quote for the picture: "Don't write checks your tiny Noxian pussy can't cash!"

1. Academy QUINN and Vi are bullying Ezreal in his bedroom after school. Quinn and Vi are wearing boys uniforms with pants and baggy button up shirts with ties. They are two of the delinquent tomboys of the school which is plainly evident through their clothes and tomboyish hair (Quinn's. They managed to get Ezreal to wear Lux's Star Guardian outfit including the skirt and have him lying on the floor covering his face with his hands embarrassed and ashamed. Quinn is bottomless and straddling him cowgirl, with her shirt and tie undone and revealing her modest C cup breasts. Ezreal's skirt is flipped while he's being ridden and he has no panties. Vi is on the bed beside them with one of her hands in her pants masturbating and the other filming Quinn and Ezreal on her phone, clearly enjoying herself.

1. After her humiliating defeat, Fem'kha studied her opponent Femgar until she found her weakness: big cocks. And, of course, she evolved and adapted. Having subjugated Femgar, Fem'kha pounds Femgar violently , grinning wickedly. Femgar is muscular and a weight tier or two above Kha but she's completely powerless as the lean body of the void predator pounds away at her, Femgar being able only to scowl and blush. A panel on the side depicts in detail the penetration of Kha's alien cock on Femgar's pussy.

1. The pressure of watching the Academy's game was too much for Cheerleader Shyvana. Sneaking out just before the last bell, she hides still inside the stadium, the crowd roaring behind her as the Demacian Academy wins the match and Jarvan the Fourth is declared man of the match. She's donning the white, blue and gold cheerleader uniform, but she can't contain herself: skirt up, panties down, Shyvana is desperately touching herself, her half-dragon biology leaving her thighs inundated with juices. As soon as she hears the name of her loved out, she bursts, a gigantic torrent of her steaming hot honey squirts out (at least this much) as she goes full ahegao, the voices of other cheerleaders in the background, asking where she could be.

2. Academy Shyvana starts regretting her decision to join the cheerleader squad to try to get close to Jarvan. In the locker room, she hides behind a wall as her massive halfdragon girlcock cannot be contained by her cheerleader skirt and panties and the cause is obvious: the rest of the cheerleading squad is there, half naked, ready to shower. Miss Fortune is coming back, completely naked and wet, a towel on her shoulder as she has no shame of displaying her perfect tits and amazing firebush. Lux is taking off her top, giving the redhead a sideglance. Shyvana is peeking as she touches herself, both hands occupied with her shaft and balls, her dragon heat unable to resist the temptation, a mix of shame and horniness in her face. (Inspo)

1. To gather money to rebuild Shurima, Sivir and Nasus have resorted to an erotic show broadcast to all of Runeterra via magical means. In a sultry harem, Sivir and Nasus share a golden dildo, with Nasus having golden anal beads inside her ass. Both covered in oil, Sivir's tan and Nasus's delicious brown bodies glisten as their wet pussies fuck each other, Sivir's lean and supple body dominating the taller, stronger Nasus with ease, a smug grin on her face as she sees the protector of Shurima melt in pleasure. Alternate version with a chatroom where xxxASCENDEDMAGUSxxx says the two are tarnishing the glory of Shurima, BladeGentleman compliments their bodies in a big, convoluted and way too formal paragraph and CrystalScorpion states he misses his kind.

1. It's the last day of the Ionian Summer Camp so Syndra and Karma decide to go all out and invade the boy's dorm, even taking a picture for memories sake (Inspo). Syndra is taking a picture on a big mirror in the boy's cabin, going at it on the floor while Karma does some boys on the bunk bed directly behind her. Syndra's shorts are on the ground, her pussy and silver pubes exposed as she rides one boy, his legs spread wide open, completely defenseless, one small purple orb of her playing with his exposed ass. In one hand she holds her phone, while the other plays with another boy, giving him a slow, almost torturous handjob as she flashes an evil grin for the picture. Meanwhile, on the bed, Karma takes her usual "the more, the merrier" approach: cleverly using her feet and toes for support, she shoves a boy against her hairy pussy, smothering him in her massive ass and plentiful juices. Karma isn't satisfied only by oral, bending over for more action: leaning against her back, pretty much climbing on her ass, one boy fucks her ass. Her thick lips embrace another boy's cock, her arm around his waist, pulling him in, the other cradling another one of her chest as he sucks on her nipples. Despite the incredible multitasking, she still looks at the mirror for the camera with a devious smile. In the corner of the picture, almost falling from beneath the mattress is a magazine of possibly erotic content with a certain wind champion from Zaun on the cover.

1. Demacia has detected an abnormal lack of freedom in Runeterra's middle east and sends their most powerful drone strike: Commando Galio. Without any time to react, Taliyah is struck and served a massive load of Demacia's best (Inspiration. The ground still quakes from Galio's triumphant entry, leaving Taliyah's clothes ragged and torn, her legs in the air, helpless. Galio slams her secret cave with his jet-powered cock, stretching her hole more than the media stretched Clinton's leads in the polls. The girl has completely succumbed to the superior armament, blushing and moaning. Galio communicates with his team via radio chatter: "Target found, I'm going in DEEP". Alternate version with creampie and squirting, dialogue: "Payload delivered, TANGO DOWN". (If possible, another version with pee instead of squirt, dialogue: "Command, we have struck gold. I repeat, gold found in enemy territory")

2. Taliyah and Diana, two nerds in the Academy, thought they could stand up to the clique that runs the place and now are facing the consequences (Inspiration). In the Academy's bathroom, Taliyah and Diana are bent over, panties down (a black frilly thong for Diana, white cotton grannies for Taliyah). A red lipstick message in beautiful cursive handwriting is written on the bathroom's tile walls: "FREE UNRULY NERD PUSSY AND ASS - Get condoms with Akali! (or don't) xoxo", followed by a heart seen before in Evelynn's butt. Some took the message's advice, as there are filled condoms hanging from the girl's stockings (black for Diana, white for Taliyah), but many of them didn't: both girl's hairy pussies and pink assholes are filled with creamy cum, running down their legs. Two other girls are mostly offscreen, their hands taking pictures for posterity. A light purple hand with dark purple grabs Taliyah's buttcheek while taking a closeup pic of her used holes with a "she has NO ASS lmao" message being sent, while a blue hand with multicolored nails spreads Diana's asshole, also taking a pic with a "she came when they put it in her ass lol" message. Both victims are angry and scowling, though under Diana's blurry mascara, you can see a hint of enjoyment as her pale skin flushes. Alternate versions with extra hairy pussies and ass hair (Possible new phone messages being "Of course the nerd doesn't shave back there" and "GROSS lmao") and futanari/dickgirl (removing pussy from the wall message and changing Taliyah's message to "her dick is SO SMALL lmao")

1. Tristana has just scored a game-winning pentakill and her team moves on ahead to finish the match while she basks on the glory and adoration (and salt) from allchat, with the enemy team baffled at the amount of damage the tiny yordle could output, asking if she's hacking or if the game is bugged. The viewer has a privileged view of what made that possible: Tristana is framed from behind and below, giving a perfect view of her plump, blueberry ass, Tristana bent over, sweating, leaning over her still smoking cannon. An x-ray view gives out her secret: Tristana has smuggled an Elixir of Agility inside her pants, the bottle firmly plunged into her asshole, the liquid being buttchugged by her during the match, some of the green potion spilling out and running down her thighs. Tristana's accomplishment has left her incredibly aroused, blushing and sweating, her pussy juice joining the elixir, also running down her legs.

1. Academy Vayne is on the hunt for the delinquent Evelynn after the strange happenings in Headmistress Fiora's welcome speech, but things go south as the blue beauty ambushes her, dragging her into the menage she had going. The girls are now sandwiched between two boys, Eve's incredible thickness contrasting with Vayne's pale, supple body. Eve is on all fours, taking a boy from behind, her gigantic breasts hanging down outside of her uniform. It's probably not the boy's first time with her, as one hand digs into her fleshy ass and another has two fingers inside her butthole. Vayne's ass is being fucked in reverse cowgirl, her legs spread wide by the student fucking her. Eve is leaning against her, her multicolored nails digging into the ivory-white thighs, eating her pussy while looking at the model student with an evil grin. Eve has a nice, thick pink bush but Vayne manages to rival her, an incredibly dense layer of hair covering her crotch, split in the middle by a bright pink, sopping wet pussy. Vayne is blushing, trying to look away in anger, but she's enjoying it way too much. Eve leaves a snarky remark: "Not sure what surprises me the most: a pristine student like you having this jungle down here or liking to take dick in her ass!" (Couldn't find a good reference, but something like this but sideways with a better focus on the girl's bodies)

2. Vayne goes hunting for the horrors of the night and ends up finding... demon cock. Vayne and Demon Vi are in a brawl turned intercourse, with Vayne having an upper hand and riding/straddling her rival, her bodysuit torn up and ripped apart as she points her hand crossbow to Vi's face. Vi's clothing is also torn, revealing her firm crimson breasts and a bestial demon cock between her muscular thighs, now firmly placed inside Vayne's bushy pussy. Vi tries to get an upper hand by using her tail to fuck Vayne's ass, but the demon hunter doesn't flinch, grinning and the struggling demon. Inspiration.

1. Veigarette steps on the viewer's dick POV asking where the fuck is her contest picture

1. Officer Vi foolishly tries to help her feeding Ahri midlane. Ekko has both ladies trapped in his Parallel Conversion in classic timestop fashion. Ahri is confidently dashing forward as Ekko pounds her fox pussy from behind, cum spurting out all over her. Off to the side a shocked Vi is equally paralyzed as Ekko's transparent afterimage is pumping her from the front and sucking on her exposed breasts. Optional mindbreak version where both women have totally lost it with swollen bellies and massive amounts of cum dripping out as Ekko used his Rewind to fill them to the brink.

2. Evelynn's previous heist was almost a complete success, but despite her partner Twitch getting away with it, she didn't have the same luck. Now, locked up, she's using her talents on Officer Vi again to plan an escape. Behind bars, the pink-haired girl cannot resist the charms of the blueberry thief, seduced again as they fuck in the prison cell. Eve bends over with a devious smile, licking her lips as Vi fucks her, her muscular legs going all out on her plump ass, eyes half closed in pleasure. While the enforcer is entranced by the booty, Twitch sneaks again, this time holding prison keys to free her partner.

3 .Demon Vi is getting spitroasted by Infernal Alistar and Infernal Nasus. Nasus is ulted, and in addition to have three heads, he also has three cocks. One is in VI's pussy, the second in her asshole, and the third is sticking out over her ass (optional: VI's tail is wrapped around the third one). Meanwhile, up at the front end, Alistar's massive bull cock is deep in VI's throat. This is all taking place in some sort of hellish chamber or hellscape. In the background, Little Devil Teemo is watching with a grin on his face, while Gatekeeper Galio waits for his turn.

1. At the Ionian Summer Camp, Xayah finally discovers why the kids are so fond of Sona. It's not like the rebel isn't getting her fair share of attention: with one boy under and another over her, the birdgirl is being double penetrated, her slender body sandwiched by their small frames. A third one was being sucked off, but Xayah has briefly stopped it to look at Sona's situation, pre and saliva connecting his cock to her lips. Sona is almost buried in boys, with four of them using her gigantic breasts (at least this big or go home): one of them doing a standard titfuck, sitting above her belly and fucking her tits while a second one goes the opposite way, crouching just a bit above Sona's cleavage and fucking the upper side of her tits. Two other boys, too impatient to wait for their turn, rub themselves against the underside of her breasts, Sona's plumpness providing a nice, warm cushion for their dicks. Despite taking care of more boys than Xayah with just her tits, Sona doesn't slack off, her legs spread open, welcoming another boy. Another impatient kid uses her curvy legs, his dick sandwiched between her kneepit. Sona has a warm, almost motherly smile as she uses her hands to help the boys get off on her tits. Xayah's face is pure doubt, almost scowling, thinking "how the hell is that even possible?" as one of her hands gropes her own, almost flat breasts.

2. Vastayan Rumble bot lane. Xayah and Rakan fall prey to the enemy jungle and mid ganking. Xayah is bound, by Rengar's bola, and helpless on the ground as Ahri straddles her waist and eagerly sucks the cock of a charmed Rakan, thick globs of semen and saliva drip down on to Xayah's face. The bird girl is trying to keep her composure as Rengar holds her legs up and pounds her pussy on the other end. (Reference)

3. Xayah decides to lane with someone other than Rakan for once and quickly realizes why so many female carries love Soraka (Inspiration). Xayah is exhausted, panting, cuddling up to a smug Soraka, her pussy gaping with a torrent of cum going out of it. Soraka smiles and hugs her, the massive horsecock wet to the hilt with Xayah's pussy juice, cum still spurting from the big flare, dirtying, her toned abs.

4. Xayah and Rakan are low on coin. To support her and Rakan, Xayah sneaks out at night and employs her looks and body at a strip club in Ionia, where coincidentally Riven also works for money. (Reference) Both Xayah and Riven are wearing Battle Bunny suits looking to the viewer with disgust and anger while blushing. (Alternate version: After finding the pleasure of having men stare and ogle at them, they have faces more similar to the reference and their outfits are more disheveled, partly revealing their breasts.)

5. Rakan and Xayah are both the new champions on the Summoner's Rift. While Rakan thinks he can charm and captivate all the ladies on the Rift like he has with young rebel Xayah, Blood Moon Elise and Dragon Sorceress Zyra have no real interest in the male Vastayah. Their attention is on the tight inexperienced body of the new girl and plan on to train her thoroughly. Zyra uses her Grasping Roots and Rampant Growth to create two very phallic plants which proceed to destroy Xayah's cunt and anus with rapid unforgiving thrusts, her midriff bulging from the size of the plants. Elise's spiderlings also proceed to bite on Xayah's breasts and thighs, bruising them, while the last spiderling is thrusting away in a Frenzy fucking her throat, making it bulge as well. The young inexperienced Vastayah's eyes tear up and roll to the back of her head in uncontrolled ecstasy as she gets broken apart. Zyra and Elise both mock the small clit sized penis of a helpless Cocooned Rakan who watches in distraught as his girlfriend is experiencing a pleasure that he could never provide for her.

1. A fed Dragontamer Zyra decides to solo the Elder Dragon with a small help from her dragon tentacles. The dragon is pinned to the ground, helplessly bound by her tentacles while she squats and rides the massive crimson cock, her pussy taking in almost all of his beastly knot, one of her dragon tentacles giving her ass a deep tongue massage. Zyra is confident, an evil grin at the demise of her foe. (Alternate versions with creampie and cumflation, if possible)(Inspiration)

2. After a well executed gank on bot lane,A futa Dragon Sorceress ZYRA and Sejuani have come out on top of the enemy Xayah. Using her dragon tentacles to restrain her prey, she viciously fucks xayah as xayah takes sejuanis massive member down her throat. Zyra is putting her tentacles to work with one being wrapped around her massive dragon like cock and another being used to titfuck xayah's plump breasts letting out a load of cum that covers her breasts. Zyra herself pumping xayahs womb full of semen, she smiles sadistically as she does knowing that her prey has fallen to pleasure. Because sejuanis cock doesnt fully fit, zyra is using one of her tentacles to wrap it around sejuanis cock. (Reference)